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  • EIKA Group agrees on the most powerful remote solar power plant for a single private company in Lithuania

    Eika Group and Eternia Solar have signed an agreement to construct and maintain a 5 MW solar park. With this agreement, Eika is boldly and confidently moving in the direction of sustainability – from 2023, this power plant will meet 85% of Eika Group’s current energy demand. The remote solar power plant will be built in the Klaipėda region near Priekulė. It will be the most powerful single-site solar power plant in Lithuania, dedicated to a single private sector company.

    Eika Group plans to invest almost EUR 4 million in the project. According to Domas Dargis, CEO of Eika, green energy is not a new concept in corporate activities. “Since 2016, we have been purchasing green electricity for use in our commercial facilities, and currently, all our facilities use only green electricity. Investing in our own remote solar power plant is not only a further step in promoting sustainable energy in the country but also a strong demonstration of our commitment to a fully sustainable path,” says Dargis.

    The 5 MW solar plant is expected to generate around 160 GWh of electricity over its lifetime. This solar park could provide electricity for around 1,200 households. Experts also estimate that the plant will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 66,000 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime.

    When choosing a partner, Eika paid particular attention to the quality of the equipment and the longevity of the solution provided. The partnership with Eternia Solar was based on the company’s experience in similar projects, the equipment offered and the optimal engineering solution.

    “Our previous projects include some of the most powerful solar power plants in Lithuania. We are pleased to be able to apply our experience and expertise to this ambitious project by Eika Group. To achieve maximum efficiency in this solar power plant, top-class double-sided modules will be installed. In addition, we will also provide maintenance services after the contract works are completed to ensure the durability and smooth operation of the solar power plant,” says Andrius Džiaugys, CEO of Eternia Solar LT.

    The first preparatory works will start in January 2022 and will be completed by 31 December 2022 at the latest.