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  • Four five-storey apartment buildings are planned to be built on a plot of almost 8,400 sqm in Medeinos Street. The building permit was obtained on 04.03.2024.

    Four five-unit apartment blocks were designed on a private plot for UAB Linkmenų būstas, a company belonging to the EIKA group, to provide 138 apartments, underground and above-ground parking lots, administrative, catering and commercial premises. The project will also improve the inner courtyard with a children’s playground, a recreation area for residents, paths and planting, which will cover 35% of the site. The access to the nearby tennis courts will also be landscaped.

    Meetings were organised with residents to discuss the design solutions, after which some of the solutions were adjusted in line with their comments. Part of the project area has been retained for common use: public space, recreation and active leisure areas, extensive landscaping, and a pedestrian link from Medeina Street to the territory of the Pushkin Gymnasium.

    By consulting with arborists, negotiating with the developers and changing the design solutions (e.g. changing the pavement structures of the paths), 105 trees will be preserved on the site, 21 of which will be replanted. The site currently has 161 trees.

    Due to the poor condition and the design solutions, 48 protective trees  and 29 not protective trees will have to be removed. As compensation, 36 trees and shrubs will be planted on the site, and 69 trees and about 3 300 sqm of shrubs will be planted outside the site boundary, in Medeina, Gabija and Justiniškės streets.

    Basis for removal of the vegetation: Permit No A320-32/24( of 12 April 2024 for felling, other removal from the place of growth or intensive pruning of protected plantations.

    More about the project: Medeinos namai (medeinos-namai.lt)