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  • Most of the premises in the newly built business centre “Jasinskio 2” have already been leased: companies appreciate the location and quality working environment

    More than half of the space in the newly built business centre “Jasinskio 2”, managed by “EIKA Development”, has already been leased: it will house the law firm “Ellex Valiūnas” and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which has concluded an agreement for the lease of 552 sq. m. of space, will also move into high-quality, modern premises.

    The 7,300 sqm administrative building, which will rise next to Tauro Hill, will have 6 floors and a 2-storey underground car park. Although the building permit for “Jasinskio 2” was only issued at the end of January, there are already two major tenants. The top three floors of the new business centre will house the law firm “Ellex Valiūnas” with a great view of the future House of the Nation, while the 2nd floor will house the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

    ‘Relations between Lithuania and the Netherlands are increasingly flourishing, which means that our team needs larger premises to meet the growing needs of our diplomatic mission. Fortunately, we have found a solution – modern premises in the newly built business centre of our trusted partner “EIKA”. Strategically located close to the Seimas, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defence and other important institutions. This move not only reflects the strength of our partnership, but also ensures even greater efficiency and accessibility for our diplomatic needs,’ says H.E. Ambassador Jack Twiss Quarles van Ufford.

    “Jasinskio 2” will not only be located in a prime and well-known location in Vilnius, but will also meet all the highest quality standards. The project will incorporate advanced irrigation, ventilation, heating and lighting systems and will comply with the international BREEAM standard for sustainable buildings, aiming for a BREEAM Excellent rating. Tenants and guests will therefore be able to enjoy modern, new A++ energy class spaces in the heart of the city.

    Giedrius Brūzgė, Director of the Asset Management Department at “EIKA Development”, is pleased that the ranks of tenants in the new business centre are filling up at a fairly fast pace. ‘We have seen once again that this location is attractive and convenient for Vilnius residents. Tauro Hill is a historically significant place that is known to all Vilnius residents and visitors, so the business centre we are building will be easy to find for everyone. Indeed, we see a shortage of new, modern and high quality office space in this location, close to the city centre and the Old Town. “Jasinskio 2” will not only have a great location, but it will also meet all the highest standards of construction and building management, and will be equipped with the latest engineering systems. The growing number of tenants once again proves that companies value a quality working environment, and sustainability is becoming one of the most important aspects when choosing a new office,’ shares G. Brūzgė.

    The project is expected to be completed in Q2 2025. The company’s investment in this business space will exceed EUR 34 million.