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  • New spaces in Žvėrynas will complement the choice of residential and commercial premises

    Construction and sale of residential and commercial premises are being started in the Project “Vytauto 35” developed by EIKA at Vytautas street. This is an administrative building of exceptional architecture which modern forms will harmoniously integrate into the whole recalling the network of Žvėrynas streets and stylised Columns of Gediminas. Building architects – Cloud Team. It is planned to build almost 1,800 sq. m. of the area and investments will exceed €4 million.

    According to Martynas Žibūda, Head of EIKA Development, Žvėrynas is one of the oldest and most prestigious districts in Vilnius which has kept its attractiveness till nowadays. “Although new buildings are emerging around the river Nėris but at the heart of Žvėrynas there are virtually no new residential and commercial premises available. Therefore, a lot of interest was shown to our project development plans. We believe that it will be an expressive building which will look in harmony with an environment and be good for both working and living,” describes the project M. Žibūda.

    Jovilė Porvaneckaitė, Project Architect, appreciates the engagement of Žvėrynas Community: “We are grateful to Žvėrynas Community for its thoughts which made us adjust the volume of the building in a good way. We strove that our designed building would look in harmony with the overall context of Žvėrynas and not become one more symbol of the architect’s self-expression in the historical context. We wanted the nearby buildings of the 21st century and other periods to have a “dialogue” and an architectural expression typical of this time.”

    The Project “Vytauto 35” offers to purchase spaces for living and business: 10 spacious apartments and 19 compact commercial spaces for marketing and offices. The layouts of spaces are very different: the apartments and premises on the lower floors have a small area with terraces, while on the upper floors they are large and spacious, up to 5.5 m high with entresols. The building will open its door in the spring of 2019.

    Although the building is just nearby the city bustle, it is surrounded by a harmonious environment that everyone can tailor to their own needs: green areas and nearby flowing river Nėris. The yard of “Vytauto 35” will be equipped with playgrounds for children and playfields for adults.