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    EIKA participates in SkyCoat research project

    EIKA joined SkyCoat high-tech research project initiated by the Italian University Universita 'degli Studi dell'Insubria.

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    SEB Bank provides 16.3 million LTL loan to EIKA Group

    SEB Bank has provided a 16.3 million LTL loan to the EIKA Group for the development of the residential houses in Vilnius.

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    SEB Bank granted a loan of 18 million LTL to EIKA Group

    SEB Bank granted a loan of 18 million LTL to EIKA Group. The loan will be used for the development of residential in Santariškių namai project and for the construction of shopping centre and multi-storey apartment houses in Pilaitė,  Vilnius. 

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    EIKA group financial results in 2007

    EIKA group, which includes real estate development company Eika, a construction company Eikos statyba and engineering company Inžinerinės idėjos, consolidated revenue exceeded 207.7 million Lt.

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    Eika awarded for sustainable development

    Lithuanian real estate development association announced the winners of real estate project‘s competition "For sustainable development", informs "Verslo Žinios". In the commercial-public project category the winners were buildings in the "EIKA" and "Achema" joint venture "Sea Gate". This project is being developed by "Klaipėda Ship Repair" SC.

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    “EIKA” enterprise group sells 112 new apartments in 2010

    In 2010 “EIKA” enterprise group sold 112 apartments in four projects and signed 31 tentative contracts for apartment sale in new buildings in Pilaitė and Santariškės.

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    In 2012 “Eika” group of companies sold 104 apartments in Vilnius

    In 2012 “Eika” group of companies sold 104 newly built apartments in Vilnius and signed 31 preliminary sale and purchase agreements. 

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    Additional SEB financing for EIKA projects

    Real estate developer EIKA borrowed an additional 12.8m LTL from the largest bank in Lithuania SEB to finance the completion of the projects “Baltijos verslo centras” in Klaipėda and „Park Residence“ in Vilnius and an overdraft facility.

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