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  • Sales of stage II of one of the most popular apartments of the “EIKA” Group project in Visoriai start

    “EIKA Development”, a member of the “EIKA” Group, starts construction and sales of the second stage of the residential housing project “Metų Laikai”. The project, located in Visoriai, was one of the most popular choices among middle-class homebuyers in 2023 and in Q1 2024, with a total of 76 flats and 4 commercial premises currently sold. The investment amount for the second phase exceeds EUR 21 million. The construction works are expected to be completed by Q1 2026.

    The second phase will consist of the construction of three A++ energy class buildings with a total of 167 apartments and 5 commercial premises. Future customers will be able to choose between living and working spaces of 20-99 sqm. The apartments will have private terraces on the ground floors and balconies on other floors. The second phase includes 149 underground parking spaces, 30 of which are for electric cars. A road will be upgraded, a traffic roundabout and a cycle path will be built in the vicinity of the development, and a community space will be created in front of the block. “Metų laikai” is surrounded by nature and tranquillity, with kindergartens, schools, medical facilities and supermarkets all within walking distance.

    According to Tomas Žiaugra, Director of the Development Department of “EIKA Development”, the interest of people in the first stage of the project proved that buyers looking for a home believe in the development of Visoriai district. ‘We have sold out most of the apartments in the first phase, so the second phase will complement the supply of the new housing market and invite residents to move into the “Metų laikų” project. As the skyline is changing, existing industrial areas are being rapidly converted into residential projects, and the infrastructure is improving year by year, it seems that those looking for a home for themselves or for investment are increasingly discovering the area,’ says T. Žiaugra.

    “Metų Laikai” is a residential project in Visoriai, which “EIKA” Group is designing in such a way that the concept of home for everyone living in “Metų Laikai” extends far beyond the walls of the apartment, so that it is comfortable and pleasant to live in the neighbourhood and the surrounding environment throughout the year. It is a project where nature, the city and the human being rhythmically move forward and change with the year: waking up in spring, blooming in summer, shedding what is no longer needed in autumn and settling down comfortably in winter.

    The plot of land at 27 Visorių Street in Vilnius, where the “Metų laikų” project is being developed, was acquired in Q2 2021 by the Eika Development Fund managed by UAB “Eika Asset Management”. The fund’s investment portfolio includes three other projects currently under development: “Nauji peizažai” in Naujininkai, “Saulės namai” in Pilaite and the newly launched prestige class project in the Old Town – “Senamiesčio sodai”.