About project

METŲ LAIKAI is a new residential block in Visoriai, which EIKA is designing in such a way that the concept of home for everyone living in METŲ LAIKAI would extend far beyond the walls of their apartment, so that it is comfortable and pleasant to live in and around the area throughout the year.

METŲ LAIKAI is synonymous with renewal, movement and cyclicality. Nature, the city and man move rhythmically forward and change with the year: awakening in spring, blossoming in summer, shedding excess in autumn, and settling down for the winter.

METŲ LAIKAI is a way of living all year round, welcoming each day actively and warmly. Looking forward to tomorrow, with a sense of fulfilment for today.

EIKA’s new residential development encodes an active lifestyle in the midst of nature and celebrates the balance of energetic and poetic relaxation by raising a cup of hot chocolate after a workout in the woods.

METŲ LAIKAI is designed by UAB SP ARCHITEKTŲ GRUPĖ with lead architect Saulius Pamerneckis, who, while creating the visual solutions of the project, aimed to make the forest visually blend into the neighbourhood, and the spaces of the houses and their architectural expression designed to be integrated with the environment.

Location in the city

VISORIAI is a district that is slowly shedding its ties to industrial environments and fragmented infrastructure and is becoming a place with a lot of potential to become an oasis of active recreation for the urban resident, a large and vibrant playground of movement and sports or a poetic forest trail. METŲ LAIKAI is a place where life is not limited to the four corners of the home, where people are invited to actively use the spaces around their homes, to spend a lot of time outdoors, to tame the forests and parks, the sun, the rain and the wind.


METŲ LAIKAI is the first residential project to be developed by the EIKA DEVELOPMENT FUND (EAM), which is managed by UAB EIKA ASSET MANAGEMENT (EAM). EAM is an investment management company providing services to informed investors since 2016. EAM is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. The management company is authorised to manage collective investment undertakings for informed investors.

Project Manager

UAB EIKA, one of the largest real estate development and construction services groups in Lithuania successfully developing residential, commercial, public and other projects, has been appointed as the project manager for METŲ LAIKAI with investor approval. Over more than 29 years, EIKA has built almost 5,800 apartments and 590,000 square metres of buildings. These are modern and high-quality spaces for good living. Cities to be comfortable in.


Playgrounds in the courtyard

A++ energy class

Underground parking lot

The territory will be fenced and locked

Užupio Personos
Metų laikai
Mėlyni vilkaiapartments available: 82
mindaugo baltas lapasapartments available: 2
BAJORŲ ALĖJOSapartments available: 72
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