Real estate development management

  • Residential and commercial real estate development and land use feasibility studies
  • Preparation of real estate project concepts
  • Assessment of real estate market
  • Economic assessment of real estate projects and objects
  • Project financing consultancy
  • Marketing strategy formation for real estate projects
  • Formation of building design task
  • Buying, selling and leasing consultancy and brokerage
  • Budget, timeframe and quality control for projects under development

Tomas Žiaugra

Director of Development Department

Real estate management and administration

  • Management of public sector real estate and administrative buildings:
    • Integrated solutions for improving effective use of building
    • Occupied space optimisation
    • Sale or lease of surplus real estate
  • Commercial real estate management:
    • Value enhancement and market positioning strategies for commercial real estate projects
    • Marketing strategy formation and implementation for shopping centres, office buildings and logistics centres
    • Leasing management
    • Effective management of financial resources
    • Value increasing reconstruction solutions
  • Building administration:
    • Effective management and maintenance of buildings
    • Effective management of operational costs
    • Cost-saving solutions of energy resources
    • Technical support for plant & machinery
    • Engineering equipment and structure maintenance
    • Cleaning of premises and territory, security, waste disposal
    • Facilities maintenance and repair services, administration of repairs under warranties

Giedrius Brūzgė

Director of Asset Management Department

Construction and building maintenance

  • Building and construction maintenance organization and execution
  • Building expertise – the technical condition and compliance with the essential requirements of the rating
  • Building construction defects – evaluation and forensic studies:
    • Construction defects forensic investigations: determination of the causes, conclusions and recommendations of the defects ways / methods of defect removal estimates of the calculations, defects surveillance;
    • Ventilation: construction jobs in which most heat loss determination;
    • Research of pipelines and canals: condition assessment, identification of defects;
    • Indoor comfort parameters: temperature, humidity, lighting, air exchange measurements and conclusions / recommendations.

Mantas Jurgilas

Head of the Construction Management Department

Territorial planning and building design

  • Drafting of documentation for territorial planning (detail, special and general plans)

Viktorija Matačiūnienė

Head of Design Management

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