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    In 2019, Eika developed REMP, a smart property management platform used by customers through mano.eika.lt. The platform allows customers who have bought a home to see all the information related to this property online, in one place. The platform was created as part of the company’s internal innovation programme on the initiative of employees, to reduce the technical work involved in providing customers with information about their purchased property. It has been common practice for developers to provide clients with information about the property, either on a USB stick or in paper form attached to the contract.

    Customers are invited to join the platform as soon as they sign the pre-contract. They can see the steps involved in buying a home on the system, which makes it easier for them to complete the purchase and moving-in process. They also have all their key contacts at their fingertips, so they always know where to go and what questions to ask. Customers can view the plans, drawings, photographs, instructions and energy performance certificate of the home they have bought, as well as a list of contractors. The system also includes rules for finishing work and a description of partial finishing. Customers who find defects in their home in the system can submit an after-sales service request, view submitted requests and their status, and view the actions and comments of the after-sales department on the submitted request.

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