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    While being one of the largest real estate development, construction and services groups in Lithuania and it has based its activities on the principles of responsible business and sustainable development since its establishment. In 2021 these operating principles have evolved into a sustainability strategy, that has become an integral part of the company’s overall strategy. In the sustainability strategy, we have set ambitious goals – to build neutral buildings, to reduce the CO2 footprint to neutral, to promote a culture of sustainability in communities and among employees, to create wellbeing for employees, and to operate in accordance with the highest principles of transparency.

    EIKA’s sustainability strategy

    Sponsorship Philosophy and Projects of EIKA


    EIKA’s sponsorship philosophy was born out of the organization’s mission: To create spaces where we ourselves want to live and be in. We develop cities in which people feel well and pleasant. We build communities that shape mature societies.

    Where “city where all is well” for us is:

    • Eco-friendly, green, and with recreational areas,
    • Safe, convenient, and with good infrastructure,
    • Smart, innovative and energy efficient,
    • Spacious, tidy and open.

    Where “mature society” for us is:

    • Responsible, respectful, and open-minded,
    • Proactive, always improving and seeking positive change,
    • Communal and loving its country,
    • Respectful of the environment, in which it lives.

    Therefore, EIKA’s support and sponsorship directions for 2022 – 2023:

    • Creating a green urban environment,
    • Building communities,
    • Educational and public spirit encouraging projects,
    • High and innovative urban culture and arts events,
    • Prop-tech projects.
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