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  • EIKA’s business philosophy


    The spaces we create are the first choice among our clients both in Lithuania and abroad.

    Clients choose us because we build to the highest standards and look towards the future responsibly.


    We create spaces that we would personally like to live or spend time in.

    We develop cities that are warm and welcoming.

    We bring communities together to form a responsible society.


    We behave responsibly

    • We create spaces for our clients’ future.
    • We ensure the quality of our work.
    • We care for urban harmony.
    • We create value for our shareholders and employees.
    • We encourage others to act in the same way.

    We are honest

    • We care for our employees’ needs.
    • We look for equal partnerships.
    • We cultivate the long-term trust of our clients and our partners.

    We keep learning

    • We learn by working together.
    • We learn from the best.
    • We are first to implement innovations.
    • We learn with every new space that we create.
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