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  • Announcement of an architectural competition on a parcel of land, located at Lvovo str. 21a, Vilnius.

    This week, PLLC “Verslo Investicijos” and the Lithuanian Architects Union announces an open international architectural competition project to design an administrative building on Lvovo str. 21a in Vilnius. The competition is announced in accordance with Vilnius City Council’s decision to develop this parcel of land, which falls into the high-rise building area. The Project Manager is PLLC EIKA.

    The purpose of the competition is to analyze the possibilities of building on the land and to create the best urban architectural solution, appropriate for the piece of land and the general area, in accordance with the relevant regulations for this area. The aim is to design a building that will fit in with the scale of the existing urban environment, which will create connections to existing public areas and which will also ensure a visual link to the existing buildings in the area, thus preserving the visual and spatial angles that are important to the city.

    The competition is announced and organized by the Lithuanian Architect’s Union (LAS), by the order of PLLC “Verslo Investicijos”. The chairman of the jury is the city’s chief architect, Mindaugas Pakalnis. You can learn more about the terms and conditions of the competition here.

    The three best project plans will be awarded with prizes as follows: First place, 12,000 Euros, second place 8,000 Euros, and third place 5,000 Euros. The closing date for entries is July 22nd this year and the winner be announced at the end of July.

    The project at Lvovo str. 21 will be developed by PLLC “Verslo Investicijos”, which was launched in 2018. In October it was acquired by UAB “Vilnius Property Management”, which is owned by the shareholders of EIKA.

    Terms of competition 

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    For more information please contact: Jorune Juodzbalyte, Head of Marketing and Communications, tel. +370 686 80126, email jorune.juodzbalyte@eika.lt