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  • Architects were invited to create a vision for the complex on Gediminas Avenue
    The Lithuanian Architects’ Union and real estate developer “EIKA” invite architects to an international competition to create a multi-functional complex on Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius. Construction of the complex is planned to start in the beginning of 2017.
    The multi-functional complex will consist of a 150-room 4-star hotel, a 5,000 sq. metre business centre, a luxury apartment block, a retail passage area and an open public gallery. Plans call for the project to cover more than 18,000 square metres. The buildings will be bound by Dainavos and V. Kudirkos streets and Gediminas Avenue.
    “This will be one of the most interesting projects not just in the history of “EIKA” as a company, but in Vilnius’ history. A new point of interest and a new pedestrian zone will appear on Gediminas avenue along the part between Lukiškės Square and the Seimas parliamentary hall,” – said “EIKA group” CEO Domas Dargis.
    The task given to architects asks them to harmonize different functional area of the complex, integrate the buildings on Gediminas Avenue, incorporate the early 20th-century building on Dainavos street and design functional pedestrian and automobile zones.
    The commission established by Lithuanian Architects’ Union and a project’s developer, “EIKA”, will evaluate proposals from the competition. The three best proposals will receive monetary prizes. Participant registration is open until September 9th and proposals are accepted until September 26th.
    Detailed competition conditions can be found in the Lithuanian Architects’ Union’s website: http://architektusajunga.lt/las-konkursai/vykstantys-konkursai/multifunkcinio-komplekso-dainavos-kvartale-vilniuje-konkursas
    More information:
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