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  • Award to Santariškių Namai for the application of German products
    On October 22 Santariškių Namai was awarded for successful application of German products in Mėta low-rise housing. Dr. Hartmut Versen, Head of the department of Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany together with Santariškių namai director Valdu Kaulinis uncovered the plaque of the building façade to signify the success of using the innovative and energy-efficient technologies “made in Germany”.
    “In cooperation with German manufacturers, we adapted their equipment in our housing and achieved excellent energy performance characteristics. We are pleased to share our best practices with other businesses in Lithuania”, says Director of Santariškių Namai V.Kaulinis. Application of efficient technologies in buildings is essential in reducing energy consumption, use of energy among residents, and CO2 emissions.
    The energy efficient GENEO REHAU window profiles are installed in the award-winning project. Mėta 2, 4 and 7 houses will be equipped with VIESSMANN gas boilers with solar collectors for hot water and heating, meanwhile Mėta 5 and 6 houses will have STIEBEL ELTRON geothermal heating system.
    Presentation of German best practice projects provides an opportunity to exchange experiences through a range of energy efficiency improvements as well as facilitates the economic relations between Germany and Lithuania.