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  • The business centre “Live Square”, developed by JSC “Eika”, has received a “BREEAM In Use” “Excellent” assessment.

    A “BREEAM In Use” “Excellent” assessment has been awarded to the office building “Live Square”, developed by JSC “Eika”, at Gedimino Avenue. It is one of the highest ratings granted to buildings for effectively applied sustainability solutions. 

    BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the international standard for sustainable buildings. The procedure for assessing new buildings that seek to obtain BREEAM certification consists of two parts. At the first stage the design solutions of the building and, after completion of the construction, a second audit is performed, and the actual certificate is issued.

    During the granting of “BREEAM In Use” certificate, the auditors assess 8 areas related to building sustainability and coherence. The “Live Square” security has been awarded with the highest score. It includes the use of alarm systems, environmental and human impact decisions on the purchasing of materials, and the effective implementation of emergency management plans. The acoustic comfort, the modern ventilation and humidification system, and the amount of natural light at workplaces were also rated well. During the assessment of the business centre, attention was also paid to the contribution to the local ecology; this included the sorting of construction waste, provision of an appropriate space for recycling of materials, dissemination of the sorting information and other management procedures related to generation and disposal of waste. The infrastructure surrounding the new business centre and which allows people to use alternative means of transport, such as bicycles and electric transport, was rated as excellent. The enhancement of biodiversity and creation of green spaces near the business centre were also assessed. During the design of “Live Square”, attention was drawn to the exceptionally low water consumption of the project and the use of renewable energy sources.

    According to the statement by the head of asset management department of JSC “Eika” Giedrius Brūzgė, in order to make buildings competitive in today’s office rental market, compliance with the BREEAM standard, or another alternative standard for building sustainability, is necessary. The certification of buildings is no longer an innovation in Lithuania, and the number of business centres that are receiving sustainability certificates is steadily increasing. Therefore, employers that are looking for new, quality built, furnished accommodation for their employees, have the possibility of requesting a certificate from the owner which confirms the operational efficiency of the building. Some business centres often lose potential customers because they do not have such certificates. So, the “BREEAM In Use” certificate and its perfect rating, in this case “Excellent”, emphasises the efficiency and sustainability of our building, provides us with an advantage in the market and allows us to offer an extremely attractive space for business development,” states G. Brūzgė.

    “Live Square” is a space in the centre of Vilnius that organically combines offices, shops, residential houses and tourism destinations. It is a place full of flourishing life and innovation and combines the active lives and culture of modern townspeople. This space enlivens the sleepy part of Gediminas Avenue and opens it to an active life, work and presence – all in the here and now. “Live Square” brings together a dynamic and cultured community, it inspires investment in knowledge, ideas and people. Companies such as the law firm “Sorainen” and the first cooperation centre in the Baltic States, “Spaces”, are located in this 6,400 sqm office building.