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    Coliving is a modern form of communal living in which residents can enjoy both their private room space and shared common areas. This type of accommodation is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Lithuania is not an exception.

    In Coliving you can find active, creative, and social people of different backgrounds living together. This type of accommodation not only offers extra time or freedom but also makes people feel like part of a community. This is especially important for people who a new to the city. Co-living is not only a  place to live, but to socialize, meet new people, get to know the city, different cultures, and much more.


    For active city dwellers, looking for a fulfilling, agreeable, long-term living experience, SOLO SOCIETY is an alternative service, which offers a safe and comfortable living space. In contrast to traditional rentals or dormitories, SOLO SOCIETY provides a combination of communal and private life.

    In 2018 we opened SOLO SOCIETY Student House Kaunas, the first co-living for students in Kaunas city.

    Soon we will be opening a new coliving space called SOLO SOCIETY City House Vilnius.  It will be located in the Naujamiestis district which is really popular among young professionals and is lively and colourful.

    Read more about SOLO SOCIETY at www.solosociety.lt

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