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  • Construction and sales start on the first project in Visoriai managed by UAB Eika Asset Management’s Eika Development Fund

    UAB Eika, as the project manager, has started the construction and sales of the residential project Metų Laikai (Seasons). The new project will be built on a 2.579-hectare plot of land acquired by Eika Development Fund at 27 Visorių Street, Vilnius. The first phase of construction will last from Q2 2022 to Q4 2023. 122 apartments are planned to be constructed during this phase, with a total of 620 apartments to be offered during the four construction phases.

    According to Jolanta Dobradziejienė, deputy development director of Eika, the Metų Laikai project is being developed in a place in Vilnius where people can foster an urban lifestyle and enjoy the opportunities offered by nature. “It is easy to fall in love with Visoriai as a district because everything you could possibly need is within easy reach – kindergartens, schools, medical institutions, supermarkets, and gyms. Those who like to spend time actively in nature will find walking trails, MTB cycling routes, and interesting and challenging jogging routes, and those who are in a hurry to reach the city centre will be able to reach it via one of the city’s main transport arteries – Geležinio Vilko Street and Ateities Street. This is a place where everyone can fulfil their daily routine,” says J. Dobradziejienė.

    The project is the first investment of Eika Development Fund managed by UAB Eika Asset Management (EAM). EAM currently also manages Eika Residential Fund and Eika Real Estate Fund. Experts believe that the Visoriai area will become more and more comfortable to live in with each passing year.

    “We believe that Metų Laikai will add a lot of value to the area – a section of the road along Visorių Street will be upgraded, a traffic roundabout and a cycle path will be built next to the project under development, and a community gathering space will be created in the front of the block, and a large amount of landscaping will be installed in the adjacent spaces as well. The project area is bordered by a forest on the northern side, so future residents will be able to be surrounded by nature as soon as they leave their homes.  It will be a truly wonderful place to live and spend leisure time. It is true that there are still a number of industrial sites in Visoriai, but those considering buying a home here should not be worried about this. With each new acquisition of plots, the district is rapidly changing – industrial areas are being converted into residential projects, the infrastructure around them is being upgraded, so each year promises an increase in the quality of the district,” Andrius Uždavinys, fund manager at Eika Asset Management, shares his thoughts.

    The project was designed by UAB SP Architektų Grupė with lead architect Saulius Pamerneckis.

    Metų Laikai is a residential project in Visoriai, which Eika is designing in such a way that the concept of home for everyone living in Metų Laikai goes far beyond the walls of the apartment, so that it is comfortable and pleasant to live in the neighbourhood and the surrounding environment throughout the year. It is a project where nature, the city and the human being rhythmically move forward and change with the year: awaken in spring, blossom in summer, shed excess in autumn, and cosy up in winter.