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  • “EIKA Asset Management” has received a license to manage collective investment undertakings for informed investors
    “EIKA” real estate development and construction business group is expanding and forming an investment management company. The Bank of Lithuania’s council decided to grant “EIKA Asset Management” a collective investment undertaking management license. This license grants the company the right to manage funds and companies that will attract outside professionals’ investment funds.
    “As real estate developers, we always feel investors’ interest in the projects we develop – we often receive offers for us to sell some of our objects. Now, we will be able to offer investors the chance to become shareholders in our projects through a special financial structure created for this purpose and overseen by the Bank of Lithuania,“ – said “EIKA group” CEO Domas Dargis.
    The primary investment field will be residential and commercial projects and commercial buildings providing steady rental incomes. “The structural investment fund market in the Baltic states is still fairly young and small, but we feel its significant potential and growing market demand. We have noticed that, if investors were only interested in developed projects with consistent returns on investment a few years ago, they are now open to accept greater risks and to join projects at earlier stages of development,” – noticed D. Dargis. The investment management company will begin offering specific products to investors in the autumn of this year.
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