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  • Eika begins cooperation with Saulės Grąža – the first to offer apartments with solar power

    UAB EIKA is beginning to offer apartments with solar power in the projects it is developing and Antakalnio Panorama is the first project where customers purchasing these apartments before the autumn will also become co-owners of a remote solar power plant. “Green” electrical power will be supplied to them from the power plants of the solar power company Saulės Grąža.

    “This cooperation with residential home projects is the first on the Lithuanian market, prompted by the desire to offer our customers something new while also encouraging them to trial and start using the environment-friendly energy sources. Most people believe that only the private-house owners can use and apply solar power, installing the power plant on the roofs of their houses or on their own land. However, anyone living in an apartment can equally benefit from using the cheaper solar power from a remote power plant,” says Martynas Žibūda, director for development at Eika.

    “Green” solar power will reach the future residents of Antakalnio Panorama through the power grid from a solar park located in Kuršėnai, in the north of Lithuania. The main advantage of using solar power is lower electricity bills (by up to three times). If you currently pay 50 euro per month for electrical power, with your own solar power plant in Saulės Grąža’s solar park, you will only be paying 18.67 euro. Other advantages include the opportunity to be energy-independent, to promote sustainable living and the public image of being environmentally friendly.

    Based on the most recent data, there are currently 5,913 self-sufficient homes, mainly privately-owned houses, which are using their own electrical power and this number continues to grow. So far there is only one solar park in Lithuania, located near Elektrėnai and supplying electricity to over 300 homes. Around 250 people from across Lithuania have already purchased more than 1MW of supply from the Saulės Grąža solar park in Kuršėnai. The park is due to be launched on November 30th, becoming the third solar park operating in Lithuania. Every customer who purchases an apartment in Antakalnio Panorama on Smėlio street between the end of July and the autumn will receive 2kW of solar power for 25 years. In most cases, this amount of electricity can fully cover the power needs of a two-room apartment. If needed, the residents will also be able to purchase additional solar power.

    The project Antakalnio Panorama has received investment from Eika Residential Fund, the first fund managed by Eika Asset Management.