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  • EIKA Group awards named scholarships to students for the eleventh time

    The month of April has already become a tradition for the meeting between EIKA Group and Vilnius TECH University. The awarding of nominal scholarships to students of Vilnius TECH Faculty of Construction for excellent study results and active involvement in academic and social activities has been continued since 2014. During this long partnership period, the total scholarship fund amounts to over EUR 31 thousand. 

    This year EIKA scholarships were awarded to the following Vilnius TECH students: Kristupas, Deimantė, Sotera, Tomas and Adrijus.

    The students were congratulated on their excellent achievements by Martynas Žibūda, CEO of EIKA Development, and Remigijus Šalna, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Construction.

    As Remigijus Šalna says ‘This is the 11th time we have met with EIKA – this is the longest and most precious partnership of the Faculty of Construction. It is a pleasure that this company pays so much attention to sustainability and innovation and encourages others to look at these important topics as well.‘

    Martynas Žibūda presented career opportunities in the EIKA Group to the students and shared his work experience. ‘It’s great to work in real estate, because it’s one of the few areas where you can actually see and even visit the results of your work. To this day, when I go to Klaipėda with my children, I am happy to take them to the cruise ship terminal, which was one of my first projects at EIKA,‘ says M. Žibūda.

    A survey was conducted in the EIKA Group, which revealed that more than 50 percent of EIKA Development employees are Vilnius Tech alumni.  This proves that this university produces excellent professionals in their field, who have the opportunity to use the knowledge gained to create more beautiful cities.