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  • EIKA group financial results in 2007
    EIKA group, which includes real estate development company Eika, a construction company Eikos statyba and engineering company Inžinerinės idėjos, consolidated revenue exceeded 207.7 million Lt.
    EIKA turnover grew by 44 percent, in comparison with 2006, when it reached 144.4m Lt. The forecast (147m Lt) was exceeded by 29 percent.
    EIKA group revenue amounted of commercial and residential buildings, rental, brokerage, consulting services and other real estate development activities.
    Although in the last quarter of 2007 the real estate market in Lithuania was quieter, EIKA group subsidiaries did not feel a great influence: in the last three months of 2007 “Eika”, “Eikos statyba” and “Inžinerinės idėjos”, have earned about 50mLt.