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    Construction of 135 business centre began in Žalgirio Street
    In Vilnius, after the demolition of a former ambulance station building, EIKA started to build a new business centre named 135.This will be one of the largest real estate development projects.The total area of the business centre and apartment complex will reach 15 thousand sq. m.
    On 84 ares of territory, the construction work is planned in two phases.After preparing the plot of land for the construction of the business centre and the apartment building, in July, the foundation and underground building structures will be laid.The first stage will include the construction of the parking and 8,400 square m of business centre, and the second stage of construction should begin in spring next year and the apartment building of 6,500 sq. m area.
    “In designing the 135 business centre, particular attention was paid and investments were made to the comfortable working environment”, says the director of Property Management Department of EIKA Viktorija Orkinė.“One of the key advantages of the business centre is the humidification system, because office workers mostly complain about the lack of humidity.Area heating and cooling systems will be installed depending on the window direction to the geographical areas of the world, the North or South, while a modern ventilation system will ensure a continuous flow of fresh air.Also, a lot of attention was paid to the functional and comfortable space layout.The business centre will be equipped with raised floors, which will allow the flexibility in rearranging the workplaces”.
    135 business centre should have 150 bicycle storage places, common showers with dressing rooms, a conference centre, a spacious courtyard and a shared roof terrace with recreation and entertainment zones.
    “The new business centre will be distinguished by a large 1500 sq. meters of typical floor area.It is planned that one floor will host no more than one or two companies.Negotiations are currently underway with several international companies, and several companies have already signed lease agreements in 135 business centre”, Eika’s spokeswoman says.
    It is planned to open the business centre next year in December, and the first residents will move to the apartment house already in the beginning of 2017. Eika will invest 16.6 million euro in the new 135 business centre and the apartment complex.
    About EIKA group
    Established in 1992 EIKA is one of the largest real estate developers and construction service providers in Lithuania. Companies of EIKA group: “Eika” is a real estate market leader, valued for the progress, innovativeness and reliability; “Eikos statyba” is one of the biggest construction companies in Lithuania with great experience in the construction and renovation of administrative, public, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.
    More information:
    Viktorija Orkinė 
    Asset Management Director
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    Mob. +370 68696407
    E-mail: viktorija@eika.lt