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  • EIKA sold 27 per cent more new apartments in 2014
    “Last year we saw the growth of not only the number of notarial contracts, but also signed almost twice as many preliminary agreements, and complemented our supply with more than 300 new construction apartments – 50% more than in 2013,” says General Manager of EIKA Domas Dargis.
    In 2014 EIKA sold the highest number of apartments in Pilaitė.Over the year, the company has sold 176 apartments in new buildings, namely, 76% more than in 2013.Last year functionally designed, small one-room apartments were the most popular in Pilaitė.In 2014, the average area of apartments sold in Pilaitė was 47 square meters, i.e. one square meter less than in 2013.Sales in Santariškių namai project developed near Verkiai increased by 63% compared to the year 2013, when 114 apartments and semi-detached houses were sold. Two bedroom apartments with spacious balconies and terraces were the most popular in Santariškės in 2014.The average floor area sold was 63 square meters, or 10% less than in 2013.
    “The year 2014 can be called the year of investors because of the significantly increased number of buyers who bought apartments in new buildings by own funds and did not borrow from the bank.In 2013, banks provided mortgages for as many as 69% of our apartments sold, – the highest number in five years, while only 38% of buyers were using a bank loan for the housing purchase last year”, says the General Manager of EIKA.
    In 2015 EIKA group plans to invest 12,45 million euros to real estate development in Vilnius.The company will continue the development of residential areas in Pilaitė and Santariškės, as well as new housing projects in Jeruzalė and Bajorai.In 2015 EIKA will increase the supply in Vilnius for more than 20% and will offer as many as 360 newly built apartments for those looking for a housing.
    About EIKA group
    Established in 1992 EIKA is one of the largest real estate developers and construction service providers in Lithuania. Companies of EIKA group: “Eika” is a real estate market leader, valued for the progress, innovativeness and reliability; “Eikos statyba” is one of the biggest construction companies in Lithuania with great experience in the construction and renovation of administrative, public, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.