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    We offer you to try the next generation technology and look through the virtual reality glasses into your future home.

    Siūlome išbandyti naujos kartos technologiją ir per virtualios realybės akinius pažvelgti į savo būsimus namus.

    EIKA presents a unique tool in Lithuania EIKA VR which is a new approach to the real estate purchase process. A new generation technology creates a virtual home space that allows the user to realistically experience its all possible variations.

    The premises and furniture parameters that are visible with special glasses are identical to the actual view, and thus give an impression of looking around your future apartment.

    Why to come and experience?

    Saving time.

    You can take part in a virtual tour of objects located in different parts of the city being in one place.

    Prompt operation.

    You will “jump” from one apartment to another in a few seconds. Therefore, you will not forget the information which you can easily check and compare.

    Satisfying your needs.

    Being in the virtual space, you can change the interior details and their colours, see the balcony view, change the colour of bathroom floor tiles or walls.

    EIKA VR Apartments

    EIKA namai Pilaitėje

    EIKA VR moves to a new level and introduces the entirely virtualised house in Karaliaučiaus str. You will be able to view each apartment in a house under construction, feel the real space of the premises and see how it will look like after the construction. “Eika namai Pilaitėje” is a settlement of new high-quality houses with a well-developed infrastructure in a quiet area surrounded by the nature.

    EIKA namai Pilaitėje

    Namų pynės

    A new settlement in Tuskulėnų street entwined from 7 blocks of flats. VR will take you to a comfortable layout apartment with a spacious balcony and invite you to experience what it means to live in cozy and economical houses.



    An exclusive project designed for the people who are inspired by the busy city life. VR will move you to a block of flats under construction in Žalgiris str. where you can look around a spacious home.

    Žalgirio 135

    Bajorų alėjos

    In the northwest part of Vilnius, a unique settlement containing low-rise houses is being created. With VR, you will evaluate the spaciousness of the apartment and the possible interior. Also, you will be able to go out to the terrace or look at the inner yard.

    Bajorų alėjos


    Apartments with a unique architecture in the historic Old Town of Vilnius. You can look around bright three-room apartments designed in two floors. On the ground floor of the apartment, a kitchen is connected to a living room and a separate bedroom is planned, while on the first floor there is a cosy area with skylights where you can make a children’s area and use it for rest or creation.


    EIKA VR new spaces

    Live Square

    In 2019, a multifunctional complex will be built in Vilnius Gediminas Avenue that will consist of a modern business centre, apartments, a public space with outdoor terrace for the city residents and the first world-famous hotel Hilton Garden Inn in Lithuania. With the help of EIKA VR, you can already take a stroll around the upcoming business centre, go up to the roof terrace and look around other public spaces.

    Live Square

    Where can I try EIKA VR?

    We invite you to try EIKA VR. Please register in advance by eikavr@eika.lt or call us at +370 5 255 3324

    EIKA VR is implemented together with the virtual reality developers id3D.

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