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  • How EIKA operates during quarantine

    As quarantine has been declared in Lithuania for two upcoming weeks (16-30 March), EIKA complies with the standing national orders and organizes its operations at long-distance and online as much as possible:

    During quarantine we will not hold any meetings or accept any visitors in our central office (A. Goštauto str. 40B, Vilnius). We ask for your understanding; in case of need please contact us by email (info@eika.lt). Otherwise, please address directly the person of interest by phone or email as we are working from distance.

    All contact with our clients, both office tenants and apartment buyers, is transferred to online platforms. You can find all the contact information here: https://www.eika.lt/kontaktai/.

    All the meetings, site visits, apartment transfers as well as contract signings that have been planned are being postponed. Once the quarantine is over, we will get in touch as soon as possible. That being said, EIKA team is fully prepared to communicate from a distance: almost all of our projects have virtual reality models, therefore we can help you visit any apartment you want online. We also have an online test where you can find your dream apartment (https://popup.eika.lt/). If you have already purchased an apartment from us, we invite you to join our smart real estate platform at www.mano.eika.lt, where you can find all the information about your apartment. Also, we believe that at this time our sales agents will offer you even more in-depth consultations than usual.

    Meanwhile at our building sites only the most important works are held, and they are in compliance with the most strict safety rules of quarantine.

    Also, all of the office buildings and shopping centers managed by EIKA are being operated according to conditions set by the rules of quarantine.

    We kindly invite everyone to take care of each other, this is just a minor temporary slow-down.

    Please follow the information on our platforms.