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  • In 2012 “Eika” group of companies sold 104 apartments in Vilnius
     In 2012 “Eika” group of companies sold 104 newly built apartments in Vilnius and signed 31 preliminary sale and purchase agreements. “Last year we only had 130 built apartments, so we signed 21 % less notarial contracts than in 2011. At the same time more customers chose apartments in house under construction, so we signed almost twice as many preliminary sale and purchase agreements for apartments as in 2011,” Development Director of “Eika” Domas Dargis said.
    “Last year the major part of apartments was sold in Pilaite, where apartments were purchased by more than half of our customers. Economy-class apartments made up 2% less sales than in 2011,” “Eika” Market Analyst Tomas Ziaugra estimated. Middle-class apartment sales increased from 33 % to 39 %. 40 apartments per year were sold in the project “Santariskiu namai”, located in the neighbourhood of Verkiai Park. The smallest part of sales was made up of premium-class apartments located in the center of Vilnius. These apartments made up 3 % of total sales. According to D. Dargis, drop in sales was mostly influenced by modest supply. “We feel that customers are interested in luxurious housing in the center of Vilnius, so we actively search for the new plots and expect to enlarge our supply with premium-class apartments,” Development Director of “Eika” said.
    In 2012 number of purchasers, who purchased housing from “Eika” group of companies by means of bank loan, decreased on 7 %. Last year there were 55 % of such purchasers. The remaining part of purchasers bought apartments on their own. The average area of a sold apartment hasn’t changed within the past year and makes up 55 square metres.
    In 2013 “Eika” group of companies is planning to invest 38 million Litas into development of real estate sphere in Vilnius, i.e. 80 % more than in the previous year. 20 million Litas will be used for expansion of residential houses and a shopping centre in Pilaite, and 18 million Litas supposed to be invested into further extension of a residential complex in Santariskes.
    In 2012 “Eika” enlarged its supply for more than 100 newly built apartments in Vilnius, the same number is planned to be added this year. The company enters into 2013 with the supply of 130 apartments, i.e. 9 % less than in the beginning of 2012.
    About EIKA group
    Established in 1992 “Eika” is one of the largest real estate developers and construction service providers in Lithuania. Companies of EIKA group: “Eika” is a real estate market leader, valued for the progress, innovativeness and reliability; “Eikos statyba” is one of the biggest construction companies in Lithuania with great experience in the construction and renovation of administrative, public, commercial, industrial and residential buildings; “Inžinerinės idėjos” is the specialists of engineering systems design, installation and maintenance. Services provided by EIKA group are certified by Quality and Environmental standards ISO 9001:2000 ir ISO 14001:2004.
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    Director of Development
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    E-mail:  domas@eika.lt