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  • In 2013, EIKA sold 60 per cent more new flats
    In 2013, EIKA group of companies sold 166 new flats in Vilnius and signed 62 preliminary housing sales contracts.Compared with 2012, the company’s new apartment sales rose by 60%.
    “Last year, we signed twice more preliminary contracts, and complemented the market supply with 200 new flats – more than double, compared to 2012.The number of buyers who buy flats the construction of which has just begun, is growing, because the supply of flats in the finished houses is low”, says EIKA development director Domas Dargis.
    In 2013, the highest number of flats sold by EIKA was in Pilaitė.Over the year, it sold nearly 100 new flats, which is 65 % more than in 2012.In Pilaitė, the most popular were functionally designed, small 1 and 2 bedroom flats.In 2013, the average floor area of flats sold in Pilaitė was 48 square meters.Sales in the project Santariškių namai developws in new Verkiai park increased by 61% compared with 2012, and the company sold nearly 70 flats and cottages there.Spacious 3-bedroom flats were the most popular in Santariškės in 2013.The average price of the flat area sold was 18% higher than in 2012, and amounted to 70 square meters.
    In 2013, there was 12% increase in the number of buyers who purchased a home from EIKA using a bank loan.The share of these buyers in the previous year was 69%.
    In 2014, EIKA Group of companies plans to invest 45 million litas in real estate development in Vilnius.The company will continue the development of residential neighbourhoods in Pilaitė and Santariškės and is planning new residential projects in Jeruzalė and Bajorai.In Pilaitė, the company is going to complete 5,000 square meters shopping centre this spring.In 2014 EIKA will increase the supply by more than 50% and will offer as many as 300 new flats for those looking for a housing.
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    Director of Development
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    E-mail:  domas@eika.lt