About project

  • Nature of use – construction of commercial, services and entertainment objects;
  • A land plot address – Savanoriu ave. 203;
  • Area – 4,000 sq.m.;
  • ½ of a land plot is for sale (located closer to the city, i.e. in the intersection of Savanoriu ave. and Titnago str.);
  • The procedure of use of a land plot has been established;
  • A detailed plan of a land plot has been approved;
  • All utilities and engineering networks are nearby the land plot;
  • The method of use – areas of commercial objects;
  • The height of buildings – up to 7 floors;
  • Building density – up to 80%;
  • Building intensity – up to 3.0.
ALSAKIS waterfront
Vilnius Industrial Park (VIP)
Investment project at Savanoriu ave. 203
Shopping mall PUPA
EIKA Business centre
Business centre Zalgirio 135