About project

  • Nature of use – construction of commercial, services and entertainment objects;
  • A land plot address – Savanoriu ave. 203;
  • Area – 4,000 sq.m.;
  • ½ of a land plot is for sale (located closer to the city, i.e. in the intersection of Savanoriu ave. and Titnago str.);
  • The procedure of use of a land plot has been established;
  • A detailed plan of a land plot has been approved;
  • All utilities and engineering networks are nearby the land plot;
  • The method of use – areas of commercial objects;
  • The height of buildings – up to 7 floors;
  • Building density – up to 80%;
  • Building intensity – up to 3.0.
ALSAKIS waterfront
Vilnius Industrial Park (VIP)
Investment project at Savanoriu ave. 203
Prekybos centras BERRY Klaipėdoje
Logistikos centras Meistrų g. 8A, Vilniuje
Komercinės patalpos Savanorių pr. 193, Vilniuje
Baltijos verslo centras Klaipėdoje
Shopping mall PUPA
EIKA Business centre