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    EIKA presents a market novelty – the real estate investment with a guaranteed 5% annual return.Those who intend to invest in real estate with a guaranteed return, should buy Eika’s new construction housing with full individual finish, and the company is committed to finding a tenant and ensuring 5 per cent annual return. If the rental income is lower than the guaranteed return, the company promises to compensate it.
    An investment with a guaranteed return is an alternative to other types of investment, in particular, to deposits with interest rates currently at record lows.This investment type is especially convenient for those who want to diversify their savings and prefer physical and tangible investment.
    The investment in Eika’s new construction of housing will ensure a guaranteed 5% return for at least two years, and after this period the investor may continue to receive income from the rental or sell his property.
    This investment is not just for those who have accumulated capital for a housing, but also for those who have less than the amount required for investment in housing.This way, the investor’s expected return might be even higher.
     Eika offers investors a choice of accommodation from more than 100 apartments.Most rent-attractive 1 and 2 bedroom apartments were selected for the investment. Investment in the new apartments can be chosen in the districts of Pilaitė, Santariškės, Bajorai, Jeruzalė, Šnipiškės and the Old Town, of Vilnius.
    ADVANTAGES of the investment:
    • Investment returns – as much as 5%
    • Guaranteed income every month
    • Large choice of investment products – new apartments
    • Remote investments
    • Reliable real estate partner
    • Investment duration – as long as 2 years
    • Finding the apartment tenant
    • Rental ads and administration
    • No brokerage fees
    • Standard contracts with tenants
    • Property maintenance and administration for surcharge
    INVESTMENT steps:
    1. The investor selects and acquires an apartment in Eika project.
    2. The apartment is finished according to the approved project.
    3. The apartment is rented to the tenant.
    4. The investor gets a return.
    List of APARTMENTS for investments with a 5% return I
    Santariškių namai and EIKA namai Pilaitėje
     List of APARTMENTS for investments with a 5% return II
    Domino namai, Link parko and Basanavičius 9A
    For more information:
    Justinas Šavelskis
    Sales manager
    Mob. +370 698 56508
    E-mail: justinas@eika.lt