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  • New shopping centre was opened in Pilaitė
    On April 16, one of the largest shopping centres was opened in Pilaitė. It hosts Hyper NORFA and smaller specialty stores and service providers. The shopping centre area is 5,000 square meters.
    The largest area of about 4,000 square meters will be occupied by the store of NORFA chain. Specialty stores will be accommodated in smaller spaces, from 15 to 100 square meters. The shopping centre will also house a health clinic, a pharmacy, several branded food boutiques, a flower shop, beauty salons, dry cleaners and other outlets. The new shopping centre also has parking for 165 cars.
    “We are pleased that from now on, Pilaitė residents can enjoy a wide selection of NORFA goods. The new shopping centre will also offer more services and specialty shops, which had not been in Pilaitė up until now,” said Aistė Adamonytė, the acting director of Asset Management Department of Eika,a company that built the shopping centre. “The new shopping centre was built in the vicinity of other major network stores. Pilaitė, with a population of nearly 30 thousand, has a high concentration of shopping centres, with 650 square meters of retail space per one thousand of residents, a third less than the average in the city of Vilnius in 2013”, counts A. Adamonytė.
    Eika started the construction of this shopping centre last summer. The company is also actively engaged in the development of residential housing in Pilaitė. This is the second shopping centre built by the company in Pilaitė. The company’s investment in the new shopping centre totals 15 million litas. Eika will invest 20 million litas in real estate development in Pilaitė in 2014. This year Eika will build three blocks with more than 200 apartments designed.
    More information:
    Aistė Adamonytė
    UAB “EIKA”
    Acting Director of Asset Management
    Tel. 8~5 251 4252