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  • SEB Bank granted a loan of 18 million LTL to EIKA Group
    SEB Bank granted a loan of 18 million LTL to EIKA Group. The loan will be used for the development of residential in Santariškių namai project and for the construction of shopping centre and multi-storey apartment houses in Pilaitė,  Vilnius.
    “There are some positive signs in the housing market, meanwhile, the residential projects developed by the real estate professionals, who have a long-term experience, are the most attractive for the customers. We are ready to provide financing and contribute in implementing for these prospective real estate projects,” says Aivaras Čičelis, Vice President of SEB Bank and Business Banking Service director.
    This year, Eika plans to invest more than 45 million LTL in the real estate development projects in Pilaitė and Santariškės, Vilnius.
    More than 18 million LTL is planned to invest in development of Santariškių namai. Currently, low- rise apartment houses Gilė are being built in Santariškės. They should be housed by residents by the end of summer. There will be 190 new apartments in the entire Gilė development. Semi-detached houses Miglė are also built near Verkiai Park. Twelve houses should be finished by the end of the year. In total, about 80 new apartments and semi-detached houses will be built in Santariškės settlement this year. By the year 2015, another 200 new apartments, shopping and service centre will be built, along with the completion of entire Santariškės settlement. A total of 1 150 families are expected to live in Santariškių namai by the end of 2015.
    The company plans to invest more than 27 million LTL in the construction of multi-storey apartment houses and a shopping centre in Pilaitė. Currently, Eika is in the process of construction of a multi-storey apartment house with 42 flats and the development of the second stage of the multi-storey parking building. Also, the construction of the shopping centre with 5 000 square metres, scheduled for opening next year, should begin in a short time. In total, Eika will build additional250 new apartments in Pilaitė by 2015.
    More information:
    Domas Dargis
    Director of Development
    Tel. +370 5 2514 253
    Fax. +370 5 2514 256
    E-mail:  domas@eika.lt