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  • Solar energy won a gold medal for “Santariskiu namai“
    New-type semi-detached houses “Meta” of the project “Santariskių namai” with renewing solar energy won a gold medal in the competition “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2012”. Today, on December 21 at the solemn ceremony held at the Government of the Republic of Lithuania the award was presented to the Director of “Santariskių namai” company, which belongs to EIKA group of companies, Valdas Kaulinis.
    “Meta” semi-detached houses, built in the neighborhood of Verkiai Park, are submitted for the competition. In these houses solar energy is used for heating and preparation of hot water. In “Santariskių namai” we are seeking both to create a high-quality housing environment and to efficiently use energy. In these semi-detached houses we mounted solar panels, which allow to reduce running expenses for dwellers, and that is really important in the last few years,” Valdas Kaulinis said. “These houses are also distinguished by floor heating, which is more efficient and saving in addition to more comfortable conditions. High-quality environmentally friendly windows are also mounted in these houses,” Director of “Santariskių namai” added.
    22 apartments are designed in the houses that earned the gold medal, where new occupants moved to in the spring of 2012. It is estimated that solar energy will cover up to 30 per cent of annual building demands for heating and hot water preparation for dwellers. In May and July of the current year free solar energy has covered almost 60 per cent of dwellers’ hot water demands.
    This year “Eika” group of companies also built in Santariskes one of the first multifamily houses in Lithuania with geothermal heating. Since the beginning of its activities in 2005 “Eika” group of companies has already built 45 houses, where more than 800 families have moved in, and a shopping centre “Ikiukas”. It is planned that until the end of 2015 about 250 families will move in apartments built in a residential complex “Santariskių namai”.