About project

About the project

“Personas” – new living spaces in the city for the people of the world. Homes created here it will be for those who carry an infinity of cities of the world within them  – from Berlin to New York, from Lisbon to Tokyo – but have chosen to live in Vilnius. The city, which understands itself as, a living organism incorporated into the rest of the world. The city, which through hundreds of years, has maintained its identity but is able to change its appearance even now.

“Personas” – are the Vilniusians by choice. The true character of this city. They are united by their calm view of the past, authentically lived present, and measured ambitions for the future. They know that life does not end when, it seems, you have already seen and experienced it all. Such people desire to understand deeper and step farther. And together – it is meaningful to extend that, which has already become a part of their identity.

Užupis – the first place of the “Personas” in the city. “Užupis  Personas” the low-rise and minimalist architecture with its undulating paving and vertical volumes will naturally fit into the hilly area. Here nothing will obstruct the view and the apartments will not lack in sunlight. The panorama of the Old Town will open to the west and on the other side, Filaretai quarter descending down the hill.

“Užupis Personas” will settle in 50 apartments in 3 buildings. Each apartment will be different, unlike any other. Specially designed for people with a unique style and character. “Užupis Personas” will be located at Filaretų g. 25, they will meet A+ energy class.

“Užupis Personas” project is currently being built. Expected end of construction – 1st quarter of 2025.

Project manager

Eika – one of the largest real estate development and construction service business groups in Lithuanian, successfully developing residential, commercial, public and other purpose projects. In 30 years of business EIKA has built more than 6000 apartments and 600 000 square meters of buildings. These are quality and modern spaces, where it is good to live. Cities where it’s nice to be.

Join the “Personas”

If you are interested in layout options for apartments, commercial premises, prices or other related information, please contact us by phone: +370 698 56508 or e-mail: personos@eika.lt.

Užupio Personos
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ŠV. STEPONO BALTAS LAPASapartments available: 4
Mėlyni vilkaiapartments available: 102
mindaugo baltas lapasapartments available: 8
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