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BAJORŲ ALĖJOS is a unique settlement in which home and nature are in harmony. A low-rise housing estate is being built on a 9-hectare site in a hilly area that is an oasis of nature. The company EIKA, continues its longstanding experience and the success story of SANTARIŠKIŲ NAMAI, which is one of the most beautiful settlements in Lithuania.


Unique nature

A settlement is to be created in a hilly place that is in harmony with the environment. The area will have a large enclosed courtyard that forms a special oasis of nature. A stream flanked by small rocks and flourishing plants will wind through the courtyard. There will also be picnic grounds, relaxation beds, and walkways for people to enjoy. More than a hundred different varities of flowers and plants will help form a natural environment. The unique landscape design is the creation of Terra Firma LT and Ramunė Sanderson, one of the architects of the Bernardinų gardens landscape.


In the settlement, the houses will form a closed space, so only the residents are able to walk into the inner courtyard. There are large distances between the houses, with the cottages having individual entrances. There is one apartment block that has only 3 neighbors on each floor. There are no cars in the courtyards. These form a large inner yard that creates a flourishing natural oasis. The first floors are equipped with protective blinds to protect against direct sunlight. Each apartment building has its own children's playground.


There is a selection of large apartments and cottages with 1 to 4 rooms. The cottages are designed in such a way that residents can choose from a more spacious 4-room cottage over two floors, or a 2-3-room cottage, situated on one floor. In the apartment house, buyers can choose from compact and functionally designed 1 to 3-room apartments. The first floors of the cottages will be equipped with terraces. In the cottages next to the terraces on the, first floor are with spaces for garden tools, outdoor furniture, or other things. The four-storey apartment buildings have spacious balconies, where you can unwind in the evening.


The houses are constructed from high quality materials. Some of the main advantages of the village are the excellent thermal properties of the buildings and low operating costs. The tightness of the buildings will correspond to the energy class A. A-class hermetically sealed windows are installed in the houses. Mechanical ventilation channels are provided for comfort. The heating is independent of the central city heating. The houses will have separate gas boiler rooms. The cottages will be equipped with under floor heating and a hot water system. Masonry cottages are covered with durable clinker. The facade of the cottages is 25 cm thick. For the apartments, it is 30 cm thick layer of neophoric. The blocks are built from a new generation of prefabricated reinforced concrete.

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