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  • EIKA Group invests in UK home startup Movewise

    In their first bid to enter the international market, EIKA Group have made a £100,000 (EUR 116,000) investment into a UK startup Movewise which is currently developing a new property sales platform.

    According to Domas Dargis, EIKA’s Managing Director, investing in proptech startups is an integral part of the company’s innovation strategy. “Our internal innovation programme started in 2017 and we have been applying startup best practices in our everyday activities for a while now. We are ourselves bringing an increasing number of innovative products and services to the market as well as collaborating with both local and foreign startups,” says D. Dargis.

    Movewise founder and CEO Tom Scarborough believes that his startup will benefit not only from EIKA’s financial investment but also from the company’s highest-level expertise in marketing, IT and sales management, all of which could be integrated into the new property sales platform.
    Movewise is the only property sales platform in the UK allowing vendors to use several estate agents at the same time. This approach benefits all property sellers and with EIKA’s expertise Movewise will also optimise its solution to small or medium-sized property Movewise gives businesses and individuals access to the best local estate agents and provides a positive property selling result and experience.

    Movewise are aiming to become the first choice of property sales platform in the UK, where each year over 1,000,000 residential properties are sold and property developers sell 130,000 new homes. Future expansion into other European countries is also planned. Founded in 2018, Movewise began operating in early 2019 and have already completed 100 property sales with a total value of £65 million.