About project

The exceptional value of the project is enhanced by modern construction technologies, which ensure the highest quality of construction and materials. EIKA NAMAI PILAITĖJE houses are in the top 5% of the most energy-efficient and least energy-consuming houses in the city of Vilnius (data of 2014-2015). At EIKA NAMAI PILAITĖJE, residents are happy not only with their warm accommodation, but also with the small heating bills – the average heating cost here is 0.37 Eur /sq. m per month. *


The new phase of the development, in which three apartment buildings are to be constructed, will be connected to the earlier phase. Vytenis Gerliakas, the architect, designed the whole quarter for the EIKA NAMAI PILAITĖJE, allowing the integrity of the colors and shapes to be preserved in the architecture. Set next to the new home is a spacious private yard that has active recreation and green areas, and a children’s playground. The houses are situated away from the busy street near the green carriageway. Residents will be able to spend time in the green, cozy, courtyards and enjoy the natural neighborhood – Pilaitė is surrounded by forests, three lakes, and a stream.


Choose your dream home:

1 r. 31 – 34 sq. m.

2 r. 46 – 51 sq. m.

3 r. 60 – 65 sq. m.


* 2014 – 2015 season heating data, homes: M. Mažvydo street 10, 12, 14 and Nida street 5, Vilnius


Developed infrastructure

Just a few minutes away are the PUPA, HYPER NORFA, MAXIMA, and RIMI supermarkets, and other companies which that will provide for all your needs. You can buy flavored pastries each day from the nearby bakery to have with your morning coffee. Educational institutions are easily accessible on foot. There are two schools and two kindergartens nearby. Convenient connection to the city center is provided by Pilaitė Avenue, Smalinės station (300 meters away), and the excellent connection with the new Vilnius bypass.

Warm houses

EIKA NAMAI PILAITĖJE is the least energy consuming new building in Pilaitė. In the winter, residents are pleased with their lower heating bills - the average heating cost here is 0.37 Eu /sq. m per month (heating season data from 2014-2015, homes at M. Mažvydo St. 10, 12, 14 and Nidos St. 5, Vilnius).

Quality and reliability

EIKA NAMAI PILAITĖJE is constructed from a new generation of prefabricated reinforced concrete, which is extremely durable. With the use of modern technology, excellent sound insulation is achieved, and the walls become extremely resistant to fire and mechanical damage. Also, the chances of of errors during construction are significantly reduced, as the walls are manufactured and fitted with insulating materials at the factory, ready for assembly on site. The project developer, EIKA, is one of the largest real estate development and construction companies in Lithuania, which successfully develops projects of residential, commercial, public and other buildings, creating a new life and work quality. Since 1993, the company has built more than 3,000 apartments, and 230,000 square meters of buildings. EIKA has received six awards for best real estate developer in Lithuania, and the company's projects are also valued abroad.


There are green and relaxation areas in the closed spaces between the houses. The fitted inner courtyards provide privacy, and an impression of coziness. An additional active recreation area - a volleyball court – is planned. In summer, after a busy day, you will be able enjoy sports, and also have a chance to spend a night out with the family, or get to know your neighbors. Houses are designed away from the busy street, with controlled access to the stairs, and the entrance to the parking lot is protected by a barrier.


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