About project

Tilto Street – one of the oldest streets in the heart of Vilnius, even in these days still maintaining its authenticity and charm. Encompassed by fascinating history, it was always strategically important for the city of Vilnius – not only did it border the defensive stone wall, but was also the key witness of many transactions in the marketplace. During the XVI century in the Old Town, the property of Tilto Street was in the vicinity of the honorable “Radvilų” family manor – the center for culture and education development. Not to mention in the locality of TILTO-12 an active Carmelite monastery was present, along with an Academy for monks, a prosperous library, and under the initiative of the“Radvilų” family the “Šv. Jurgio” church was constructed.

TILTO-12 – Apartments of unique architectural design in the Old Town of Vilnius. When renovating the aged and eclectic style residence in the XIX – XX centuries, the authenticity was combined with modern architectural solutions. Ideal for those seeking peace and comfort along with luminous apartments with skylights and subtle vintage elements.

TILTO-12 has been created as a quality premises, with the spirit of the Old Town maintained: A comfortable layout of 2-5 rooms, 41-152m2 spacious apartments, a thick outer exterior, wooden doors and windows, and vast windowsills which you will be able to decorate with flowers or read an infatuating book in the warmth of the sun. The well preserved high ceilings will ensure a sense of spaciousness, and the underbuilding level of the residence‘s authentic arches and vaults will carry you back to the former age. The morning coffee you can savor in your cozy terrace or ample balcony, whilst gazing into the blossoming courtyards. Long-lived trees and the enchanting view of the Old Town will allow you to believe that fairy tales come to life not only in books and movies, but also in between the walls of your home.

When living in the heart of Vilnius – “Tilto 12” – you will be able to reach the Cathedral square and Gedimino Avenue by foot in just a few minutes. Close by you will also find shopping centers, a pharmacy, a grocery store and many venues to spend your leisure time. You will be able to reach the most essential cultural facilities through the narrow streets in no more than 10 minutes. All that is necessary for a comfortable life, is at hand.