About project

“Vytauto 35” – is close to the rhythm of the city, but it pulses with harmony and calmness, which is important in concentrating on work or life. It is an interconnection of the Žvėrynas history, modern architecture, tree alleys and a river flowing nearby. Commercial premises and apartments with terraces or balconies are offered for sale in a three-storey building of unique architecture.



Forget the car

You can forget about using a car if you live here! You can easily access the Gediminas avenue, cafes, the „Panorama“ shopping center and other objects in the center of the city by bicycle, electric scooter or even by foot.

Enjoy comfort daily

Technical solutions of special quality are planned to be implemented in the administrative purpose building. They will allow working and living in warm and comfortable conditions. The front of an „A“ energy class building will display long-lasting clinker tile facade, sloping roof with skylights and large windows. Each commercial premise and apartment will have installed floor heating, recuperation and an alarm. Non-standard premise layouts, premises on the 3rd floor are designed on two floors at once, with entresols and high ceilings. The low-rise building staircase platforms are designed for you to have only a few neighbors.

Architecture will catch the eye

Team “Cloud” were the architects behind the design of this building and they created a truly exceptional project. Modern forms of “Vytauto 35” harmoniously intertwine to form an integral building, reminding one of Žvėrynas road network and stylized Gediminas pillars at the same time. Yellowish clinker façade fits perfectly with the surrounding buildings. This project contributes to the renewal of Žvėrynas and supports its image of a prestigious district.

At the bight of Neris

This project will be surrounded by long-lived Žvėrynas buildings and green areas with the Neris river flowing nearby. The surroundings, which anyone can adapt to his needs: a river shore with pedestrian and bicycle tracks for active leisure, cafes, bars, city events to go out and have fun and tranquility when it is needed.

Vytauto 35