About project

135 – unique project in Žalgirio st. for the people inspired by active city lifestyle. Project is located in the place that has been rapidly developed. Residents of 135 will enjoy all benefits of the life near city centre.


Place and reachability

Project 135 is in a very convenient location in Vilnius - new business and shopping centers are being built there, as well as plenty of entertainment and leisure spots that are easily accessible both by public and private transport. The AKROPOLIS and PANORAMA shopping and entertainment centers are just a 4-minute drive away. The same amount of time is all you need to reach the FORUM PALACE - the sports, entertainment, and business center. Take a stroll or a bike ride along the banks of the nearby Neris river and other green areas nearby. The project is attractive both as a home and for an investment – it is one of the most convenient and most intensively renewed parts of Vilnius.


In Project 135 there are 124 (29 to 105 square meters area) apartments with balconies or terraces to choose from, making it easy to find accommodation suitable for your individual needs and lifestyle. For the comfort of the residents, there is a parking lot under the house, which is accessible only to the residents of the house. The inner courtyard has a green area and modern design benches for your relaxation.

The green courtyard

Landscape architects have planned the landscaping and layout of the inner yard so that it remains beautiful and colorful all year round. Looking from the balcony or terace of your apartment to the inner courtyard, you will always see changing and brightly colored plants and flourishing flowers. The modern and minimalist landscape of the yard raises the view of the plants, and at the same time directs your sight upwards - the plants stand on vertical fences that create separate small spaces giving the residents a sense of coziness and privacy.


Houses in Project 135 are constructed of a new generation of three-layer prefabricated reinforced concrete that meets the highest standards of quality. Reinforced concrete is extremely durable, perfectly isolates sound, maintains heat, and is resistant to mechanical damage. The chances of construction errors are significantly reduced as the walls are already manufactured in the factory and are ready for erection on the construction site.