About project

New residential area in the capital, Tuskulėnai street with seven blocks of apartments. The former bakery gives a place for new, cozy home tradition. According to the plans, 400 families will settle down in the place of the project.


Place and reachability

Imagine entering a street with a wonderful aroma of baked goods. In the memories of the old residents of Tuskulėnai Street, the territory of the settlement is inseparable from the pleasant aroma of baked bread goods that spread throughout the area. A renowned bakery shop is located next to the community, where you can buy your favorite bread and pastries for breakfast. Project NAMŲ PYNĖS is being constructed in a very convenient location in Vilnius, where interconnected locations are important for each family member. Within a 5-minute walk you can reach Vilnius Tuskulėnai Gymnasium, and within 10 minutes you will find a kindergarten. For convenience, shop at the nearby MAXIMA supermarket. You are also within walking distance of the nearby Kalvarijų market, offering a wide choice of fresh fruits and vegetables for your family table.

The green courtyard

Imagine exiting your home into the green courtyard of NAMŲ PYNĖS project. You will enter a flourishing verdant space; the view will calm you during your walks around the courtyard or as you exercise in the outdoor gym. Enjoy the green car-free courtyard and safe environment for your children's leisure time. There is a small over ground parking lot in the village, while the remaining parking places will be in an underground car park.


You always know that your home is safe. NAMŲ PYNĖS houses form cozy inner courtyards that provide privacy for the residents. The boundary of the settlement will be fenced and illuminated, so you can be sure that only your neighbors are visiting here, and that the houses will be safe. Entrance to the underground car park is protected by a barrier.


Always return to your comfortable and warm homes. In the NAMŲ PYNĖS project you will find a choice of accommodation suitable for you and your family. At the first nine-storey houses, AGUONA and SAULĖGRĄŽA, which were designed in the first phase of the project, you will find 138 comfortable flats with 1 to 4-room apartments with balconies or spacious terraces. There is an option to combine multiple apartments. Under the house there are small storage rooms, where you can keep bikes or other belongings during the winter. NAMŲ PYNĖS houses are made of a new generation of reinforced concrete slabs, which provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and are resistant to mechanical damage. The warmth of the home will be ensured by A-class sealed plastic windows, while fresh air is provided by an class A-compliant ventilation system.